Igniting potential in families, learning, and creativity with technology

With so much emphasis on the family little has been done beyond producing resources not tools especially in technology. I remember well President Hinckley say that if we could teach family more effectively we would have unprecedented success in missionary and other efforts. I have thought of that statement often. What is the role of technology in teaching family? If we are social and need mentoring from real live people how might social media and technology be leveraged to share and grow in potential?

Reviewing David Wiley’s slides from TEDxNYED he introduced definitions of words that form part of openness in education. He asserts that technology today is stuck behind antiquated laws that prevent us from fully realizing all the benefits offered, namely the ability to give without giving away. Sharing in today’s digitally saturated world often does not diminish what is available to ourselves. Great idea! I am anxious to watch his presentation as I assume he would be quite articulate and add much to the emotional appeal of the emotionless slides I reviewed.

Social games seem to gain traction quickly and many eagerly work on progressing their character or other abilities or possessions.


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