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Caring and Sharing

The SmartLDS site is fairly silent until a subject is touched on that is of great importance to individuals personally. The challenge, then, is to find more personally relevant material to post. It is thrilling to have a response at all! The replies indicate that the community is interested and concerned despite the silence online.

Branching scenario templates are good to have but this interaction still lacks the social component that truly is vital to make the emotional connection active. Maybe the template prompts the learner to rate or improve upon respnses to a scenario decision that have already been submitted. Capturing this information would be insightful and would improve the engagement with the content as their replies are fed back into the development cycle.


Comments on: "Caring and Sharing" (1)

  1. I hear you on personally relevant content that both explains the Church and provides both a compelling read and a conversation. I’m starting to get involved in the space and really looking forward to it–there’ve been some really fun initiatives coming out of our area trying to fill in the gaps of positive LDS content online. Much to learn and much the church (members) can be doing better!

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