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Class in a virtual world like WoW was a unique experience but not without it’s own hiccups. All the cues I had indicated that I was fully present with the cadre. Yet, no one seemed to respond to anything I typed. Try as I might I could not participate and because of the limited means for communicating (text only and strange avatar body language). Had I been tipped off earlier it would have been a much more enjoyable experience.

The environment was immersive. I noticed that my attention was rivetted on what was going on. Other cadre mates were dancing or laying down, a random player came bouncing by and laughed that we were trying to have class. The ambient sounds and the occasional laugh really helped me feel a part of the exchange. Even the proximity of other cadre mates affected my emotions and reactions.

I was terribly frustrated with the chat mechanism. I had to click the chat area each time it lost focus. Frequently I would type not knowing my focus had left the chat area and the keys I hit would trigger all the other shortcut windows within WoW.

Overall, I was able to focus on the discussion at hand, truly consider my response to the intriguing questions, and appreciated the feeling that I had just spent quality time with the cadre. Now I am left to wonder how I could encourage virtual meetings among a very conservative organization. đŸ˜‰


Comments on: "Together Time in World of Warcraft" (1)

  1. Hehe, you’ve had a good experience with the restrictions of an online avatar.
    WoW is very narrow as to avatar expressions.
    I should inform you this can be countered by using text based descriptions (aka emotes). Fx press “/e” and type in a description of what your character does. The /e will convert into your name, so that the output will look like this: “Ironyca scratches the back of her neck nervously”. It brings a lot of life to the conversation, and it enables you to express some form of body language at least.

    When it comes to avatar expression, Second Life is probably the place to go, although it is not a computer game, but more like a very advanced chat world.

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