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Confused chimpWondering why classmates get so bent out of shape when the experience teaches them exactly what is being illustrated. Pure text chat in Sakai was painful. Confusion ensued shortly after we began. The interface was difficult to interpret. Context was lost in one line of text. I thought the experience (intentional or otherwise) clearly demonstrated the critical role social presence plays in technology mediated interactions. The higher the fidelity the better.

[Aside] I was stuck on the bus home when class began. Luckily I had recently purchased an iSpot (mobile 4G hotspot) from http://clear.com. I was weaving my way through three cities while class was happening. Location really is a funny thing these days when we are constantly on the go. Tethering up with technology to be anywhere in the world is an impressive ability. I was also struck how seamless our design team collaborated across continents (North America and Eastern Europe) on our tools audition!


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