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Eyes to See

With a more ample attitude toward seeing the needs of others, I have been intrigued by the circumstances surrounding the sharing of fairly personal sentiments.

I had a conversation with a colleague regarding his need for more honest and complete feedback from his boss in the design work he performs. Committed to understanding te situation more clearly I asked what he believed the difference was between this who shared openly their feedback with him and those that appeared to be more reserved. He noted trust or the lack thereof as a main component of that equation. We walked through additional scenarios and questions until he felt like he knew what actions might foster greater trust in the relationship that lacked the feedback he so very much needed.

In my search for the ideal conditions which lead to engagement and participation on Yammer, I have noticed that the more open and sincere sharing invites complimentary information and lively commentary. I have yet to grasp the reasons that motivate these reciprocal responses but believe that trust, safety, openness all lend momentum to our desires to share. Many have looked to me recently for leadership in gathering a group of likeminded individuals together for casual conversation over lunch on a weekly basis. I feel that they are very eager to be together and participate. The norm is to eat lunch alone at your desk. I have noticed though that the much needed meandering in conversation is quelled when one attempts to organize, structure and connect concepts.


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