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As of late many have become proactive in the open social space that is Yammer to voice their opinion and distaste for the changes that have recently come to the corporate intranet. I was troubled by the seemingly hostile approach some were taking with the giving of their feedback. My concerns were quickly calmed by the considerate and conscientious replies that came from the community. For many this is the first time feedback has been so public and prominent. The adjustments needed to incorporate this feedback will slowly make their way into processes and projects. Undoubtedly there will be some growing pains. I found it reassuring to see others desiring a collaborative and improvement focused environment. This was evident in the way in which they handled the hot issues.

There have also been some discussions of the value of the water cooler talk on Yammer. I plan to understand further these sentiments by polling the network and seeking out the motivation for investing time with the tool.


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