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As the uncertainty of the network continues I have initiated open and sincere conversations with those I am acquainted with who most likely have greater influence in the situation than I have. My approach has been one of a very personal nature. I want to know these people individually and ask them the same questions I ask myself in my reflective action research.

On Friday I had a wonderful discussion with, who I only later came to know as the individual responsible for evaluating the Enterprise Social Network space and gathering an advisory committee to guide conversations and decisions. We spoke of our own lives, weekend plans, etc. I felt to commend this individual and did. I also thanked him publicly in Yammer for his time and attention. I feel confident that he knows me and values our relationship more than before. I struggle to deepen this commitment because we are working from disparate locations so face-to-face is not often available to us. It would undoubtedly be my first preference for interacting especially around this topic for which I have so much passion.

A new hire, an expert in SharePoint, will take the reigns


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