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A lesson I am slowly learning is that when I share other people’s information I tend to encounter more resistance or obstacles than anticipated. The perceived sensitivity is unknown to me until I post. I personally found it difficult to have opinions expressed opposing the open sharing of information. Yet, time was able to work it’s magic and afford me a greater ability to see the situation in a different light. I was not being corrected for my sharing of others’ information. I recognized that the community had a very healthy sensitivity to the nature and confidentiality of posts shared in the online space. Little did I know that my posting would prove and reveal this ideal quality of an online private internal community. I returned after the weekend and offered a sincere thank you. I felt it was deserved.

I have had many requests to think through social and community solutions to the challenges other departments are facing. In these efforts I have found myself immediately wanting to apply a single social tool when the community may need something very different. The process has taken a back seat to my efforts of evangelizing a single tool.


Comments on: "Sensitivity" (1)

  1. Margaret Riel said:

    I read this post before the others and had trouble making sense. I thought if I went through and read the posts in order I would understand but now I am back and still don’t really see the problem. Seems as if you shared something that was negative about open source sharing. Perhaps you don’t want to make the issue public which is fine. Also you don’t need to post these comments. They are generally just my reactions to your posts.

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