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Confusing Conversations

Confused chimpWondering why classmates get so bent out of shape when the experience teaches them exactly what is being illustrated. Pure text chat in Sakai was painful. Confusion ensued shortly after we began. The interface was difficult to interpret. Context was lost in one line of text. I thought the experience (intentional or otherwise) clearly demonstrated the critical role social presence plays in technology mediated interactions. The higher the fidelity the better.

[Aside] I was stuck on the bus home when class began. Luckily I had recently purchased an iSpot (mobile 4G hotspot) from http://clear.com. I was weaving my way through three cities while class was happening. Location really is a funny thing these days when we are constantly on the go. Tethering up with technology to be anywhere in the world is an impressive ability. I was also struck how seamless our design team collaborated across continents (North America and Eastern Europe) on our tools audition!


Contextualizing Action Research

A phrase that stood out to me last night in our sync session was building collective knowledge among the cohort. I’m not sure our cadre fully grasps this concept and objective as one of the key outcomes of the program. It seems that each of us is stuck in doing all the work ourselves in isolation. Yet, we are hoping to pick up a few ideas in this program of how we might facilitate collective and collaborative knowledge sharing and building within our organizations. Seems to me like we would want to practice what we preach. A shared calendar would be helpful, for example. I am pleased to see that others jumped in to the google doc and capture thoughts and┬ánuances from our conversation. I still feel that the cadre doesn’t have a mechanism by which we keep everyone up to date with our activity in the program nor a central space to call our community. Context is hard to keep without these pieces in place.

Informing our decisions through the review of research and other types of literature was also enlightening. To have greater understanding and knowledge of the particular actions we propose to take is worth the time and effort. To take a “good idea” and transform it into a more fully vetted and informed action ensures that our endeavors are not merely trial and error.

I may be alone on this but my desire is to have more context coming in to these sync sessions. Providing a few basic talking points would help place me in context and more able to contribution to the conversation. I am open to hear how others have found ways in which they effectively prepare for our time together.

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