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Learning is Identity Engagement

Learning via iterative and rigorous action research is transformative in nature. With the Pepperdine cadre we commit to community and to contributing collective intelligence towards the value-aligned decisions we make. Informed decisions become actions within each individual’s organization. The outcomes are analyzed and evaluated. Reflection provides greater light and knowledge about the decisions we make which feed back in to the next iteration of plan, act, evaluate, and reflect. The individual and the sphere he or she occupies are both more fully illuminated through the process. We are better able to navigate and act because we see more, more of ourselves, our identity and the relationships that govern our interactions.

Manifestations of my journey through this transformation will make occasional appearances here. Join me and enjoy the ride.


Recruiting Decisions

A week or two ago I pitched the idea of building a branching scenario to the sales team at EnticeLabs to help HR  think through their decisions, offer suggestions as to why TalentSeekr is a better alternative, and free up time for the sales guys.  Although the pitch was successful the company opted to pursue quick videos addressing the pressing issues.  An interactive, decision based, feedback rich scenario based on concepts from Engaging Learning would have been something new and exciting and would lend itself well to reflection on what HR is currently doing as far as recruiting goes.

When the idea is created the name may be TalentSeekr Top Talent Challenge.  You are given a challenge to recruit a specific type of position and the traditional methods used are presented as choices along with TalentSeekr.  As you try recruiting through the various methods you are presented with context specific feedback so financial decision makers are given financial feedback whereas recruiters are given recruiting specific feedback.

Because of my involvement with the elearning community I may build this out on my own just to add to the portfolio.  I was pleased to see the positive response from sales when I pitched the concept.  Just trying to deliver unique value to an exciting start-up.

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