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Circle of Learning Consultants

The thought that each person in my circle may act as a learning consultant framed my experience well last night. As I shared the challenges I was facing in cultivating the internal SmartBuilder community online, experiences and sincere questions emerged for me to consider from my four cadre mates.

Learning for me has almost always come after I have put myself out there, extending hooks for others to connect to. This is no different in the learning circle. Without volunteering pain points and fairly personal information the response I get is less than ideal. The more focused and specific I can be the better prepared and enabled I make my learning consultants.

Reflecting on the thoughts generated from our short time together, my “online” problem reverted back to solutions around face-to-face time spent together with the community. Will more frequent face-to-face interaction stimulate online activity?

I also see the learning circle as a time to truly concern yourself with the genuine problems and challenges of others. We lift burdens and overcome obstacles together. This morning I am pondering how my experience with religious endeavors online might benefit Sister Maria in her efforts to ensure that the communication and experience is spiritual.

I was also pleasantly surprised to hear that we, even this early on in the program, understood well the guiding principles of action research.

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