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Leadership in All Places

A spark of excitement always hits when I make connections between a concept manifest in various contexts.

This afternoon I was privileged to participate in an event with President Kim Clark, BYUI president and former dean of the Harvard Business School. He facilitated a wonderful discussion around defining direction as a leader. He modeled the principles proffered by both the audience and his preparation. The thoughts shared centered around cultivating an open environment, framing the context, inviting participation, and empowering others.

The spark moment did not come until I jumped on the bus to return home. A unlikely candidate surprised me by exhibiting all the leadership qualities modeled so well just a half an hour ago by a renowned business leader. The culprit behind the surprise was none other than the bus driver himself. With his heavy Hispanic accent he announced that there was a significant delay on the freeway, presented some options, solicited feedback and participation, and adjusted the route home. I felt committed and responsible because my opinion was included in the making of the final decision.

It turns out that the alternate route wasn’t much faster than the backed up freeway. I admit that I winched a little when other passengers would glance in my direction. I was one of the first to speak up in the open environment. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reflected on what was taught and observing the salient principles play out in a very ordinary occurrence.

Adventures in leadership are often wonderful journeys. Enjoy the ride!

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