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Sparks Learning Portfolio

Here I showcase a few eLearning examples from the Sparks Learning repertoire. Skills employed on these projects include Flash (AS2.0 & animation), PowerPoint, Adobe Presenter and Sony SoundForge.

Custom Flash

A quick demo showcasing Flash abilities and instructional design approach.

I created this in Flash to show how music and story add greater potential for engaging learning.

Build for a Business Continuity course this piece was intended to make the content more relevant by asking for an estimated percentage using a sliding counter against the Twin Towers image.

Workflow simulation with the ability to explore and click on each step to get details.

Custom question build in Flash.

Informative Flash website used to introduce students to the major and connect with students and professors.

Themed Vignettes

While working with contractors to produce 10 – 15 minute elearning snippets I had some liberty in the approach I was to take to get them up to speed on the process. I decided to try out some ideas gleaned from books and blogs and applied a theme to a short story to engage the contractors.

A themed story was again employed for additional internal contractor training.


Security Software Simulation
This course was developed for a large automotive company for security awareness and training purposes. The entire training was translated into Portuguese and Spanish. I managed the entire production process.

Risk & Control Introduction

Featured here is an example used to pitch scenario-based story learning to a client.

Business Continuity Management
A CPE course created with many tools. Articulate Engage interactions were developed and integrated into the Presenter package.


This portfolio represents a small portion of all the projects I have been involved in. Most projects are narrated PowerPoints with occasional interactions. My attempts to introduce more social and story based aspects of learning were met with skeptical disapproval. Yet, rapid elearning continues to contribute great value to the industry.

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