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Stunning Screencasts in Seconds

Screenr: Instant Screencasts

Screenr: Instant Screencasts

Screenr.  Finally, there is a simple, straightforward way to capture and share screencasts with no downloads.  It works the way I work! Not only can I do a screencast in no time at all, I can capture my Skype and other video conversations without paying for a plugin or third party app.

Advantages include:

  • Quick
  • HD quality
  • Simple sharing to all audiences (Twitter, iPhone, YouTube, Facebook)
  • Download to use in your own movie projects

Disadvantages I have encountered:

  • 5 min max record time

Screenr could be used to preserve family moments while chatting on Skype and demonstrate how to do something with a web app.  All in all, this is an excellent screen recorder that is simple, easy to use and very good at what it does.  Send me a link to the amazing things you do with Screenr.

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