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Circle of Learning Consultants

The thought that each person in my circle may act as a learning consultant framed my experience well last night. As I shared the challenges I was facing in cultivating the internal SmartBuilder community online, experiences and sincere questions emerged for me to consider from my four cadre mates.

Learning for me has almost always come after I have put myself out there, extending hooks for others to connect to. This is no different in the learning circle. Without volunteering pain points and fairly personal information the response I get is less than ideal. The more focused and specific I can be the better prepared and enabled I make my learning consultants.

Reflecting on the thoughts generated from our short time together, my “online” problem reverted back to solutions around face-to-face time spent together with the community. Will more frequent face-to-face interaction stimulate online activity?

I also see the learning circle as a time to truly concern yourself with the genuine problems and challenges of others. We lift burdens and overcome obstacles together. This morning I am pondering how my experience with religious endeavors online might benefit Sister Maria in her efforts to ensure that the communication and experience is spiritual.

I was also pleasantly surprised to hear that we, even this early on in the program, understood well the guiding principles of action research.



A phrase that stood out to me last night in our sync session was building collective knowledge among the cohort. I’m not sure our cadre fully grasps this concept and objective as one of the key outcomes of the program. It seems that each of us is stuck in doing all the work ourselves in isolation. Yet, we are hoping to pick up a few ideas in this program of how we might facilitate collective and collaborative knowledge sharing and building within our organizations. Seems to me like we would want to practice what we preach. Informing our decisions through the review of research and other types of literature was also enlightening. To have greater understanding and knowledge of the particular actions we propose to take is worth the time and effort. To take a “good idea” and vet it so we avoid “trial and error” seems logical to me.

iPad Impressions

I think I am the perfect candidate for a mobile device like this. Two hour round trip commute on the bus (with free wifi), a little child at home, The iPad saved my wife and me a few maddening moments around dinner time. I downloaded several Sesame Street podcasts and slapped one on when we were about to eat dinner. The iPad was my son’s personal HDTV and he loved all the colors, motion and sound. He wanted more kinesthetic feedback or response from the iPad (granted he is on 8 months old).

I found the battery life to be outstanding! I was very pleased. Flipboard kept me up to date with all my social streams on my way home from work. It was tricky trying to type on while riding the bus without a case to position it well.I also noticed that the iPad was shared and passed around in social settings. During a surprise birthday party, I was able to pull out the iPad and have a friend show me the paintings he was trying to describe to me and then pass it around the room for others to see.

Overall, it was a great experience. I’m not convinced that it is fully capable of all the activities I would want to replace a laptop but a very convenient and intuitive device nonetheless.

Leadership Journal

This morning I have been thinking about the original purpose of the LDSLeader environment to be created to directly deal with significant business challenges facing the business side of the LDS Church. I thought of a conversation I had about a father and his efforts to prepare his children to be leaders in their own homes. His comment stuck me. It was simple. He said he tries his best to be an example of leadership in the home. My mind then went to my own experience with the new http://mormon.org site. It presents examples of Mormons under the title Our People. I wondered what our LDSLeader site could gain from a section labeled Our Leaders.
If authority of example is so compelling and powerful why not feature exemplary leaders at all levels? Participation in the mormon.org initiative is impressive. Two thousand profiles compiled before launch and 13,000+ in the queue shortly thereafter. One of the biggest hurdles I see is helping people to use an online format to share observations, examples and feelings. But it obviously can be done. The cognitive surplus certainly continues to manifest itself with in the mormon.org invitation.

Examples of LDSLeader sharing online would be personal reflections of situations where a principle of the pattern for leadership played out. This would take the shape of a leadership journal. To me, it sounds a lot like the action research I am beginning now in conjunction with a masters in learning technologies at Pepperdine. I am uncertain as to how I encourage others within my organization to also engage in their own action research as they strive to become a leader in their current role. I think of my own conversion to sharing more of myself online and it was not easy. I recall wanting to participate in the discussion so badly that I finally overcame my anxiety and accepted that my identity was still emerging and that it was ok NOT to have myself figured out entirely. I told myself that identity-shaping would come more and more as I involve myself in those communities I desire to belong and contribute to.

The term social artist has really struck me. I knew that the LDSLeader initiative would benefit greatly if I could connect others and help them share and collaborate. I see a continual leadership journal as an extraordinary way in which examples of leadership can be shared in caring relationships and extended to countless others through the use of a simple technology: a blog. Now for crafting the environment to foster that type of sharing! 😀

Broadcast Family Events LIVE

Chances are you have wanted to announce something important to the whole family all at once but could only connect on the phone. The phone is a great way to connect but we miss all the action that live video can give us. How do we share our live video of the event or announcement if I have more than one relative interested in joining us? Skype is great for one-on-one occasions but including others in various locations is impossible.


Three people can enter a personal, private “room” where you can share live video and audio of your event or announcement. Those joining the room will have no trouble enjoying the moment right along with you. Here’s how you get started.

  1. Visit http://www.adobe.com/acom/connectnowConnectNow
  2. Sign up for an account.ConnectNow SignUp ConnectNow SignUp2
  3. Adjust the room. Find the PODS menu and uncheck all the options except for WEBCAM. Then make sure to expand the WEBCAM pod in the room.Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 8
  4. Start camera Picture 12 and mic Picture 13.

  5. Invite family and friends. Picture 10 Just tell them to click on the link you will send them. They will need to enter a guest name before joining you in the room but that’s it. No downloads.

Feel free to try out ConnectNow next time you would like to broadcast live your announcement or event to the whole family all at once.

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