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Thank You

To be discouraged with a Masters program that is almost entirely hand crafted by you is truly telling. I somehow find myself inconvenienced by the very things I am most passionate about. The feeling of “I have to…” seems so out of place but it keeps nagging at me. My strengths cater to my desire for stimulating conversations around learning technologies, innovative thinking, brian research, creativity, . I am slowing finding a way to pace myself and shape the experience to one that aligns with my values (specifically in this instance fostering meaningful relationships, assisting others, sincerity, creativity, love). I care more about the cadre than I do about covering all the material I feel I am expected to cover.

Realizing that this commitment will require sacrifice, I accept the opportunity optimistically. I judge the time I invest in the cadre to be of greater value than other pursuits or cares at this time. I don’t yet feel like the cadre has a complete vision of why we engage each other in the forums or in the reflection blogs. Sure it is nice to rehash in your own words the content but to truly open up and invite honest feedback into our personal and professional practice and life is at least a successive approximation to the aims of the program. I appreciate those who have shared insights into themselves and their workplace. Thank you.

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